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Korean Drama Websites With English Subtitle

Korean Drama Websites. Currently, Korean fever is still affecting teenagers in various countries. It has even started attacking adults. Many of them are crazy about Korean dramas.

Because Korean drama enthusiasts are increasing, finally television stations have started airing Korean drama series. However, if you just rely on watching Korean dramas on TV, of course, you will miss the other Korean dramas series.

If you want to always be updated with Korean dramas or even Korean artist news, you can use the free Korean dramas watching application as we recommend the following:

Application to Watch Korean Drama on Android

Websites to Watch Korean Drama with English Subtitles

Korean dramas are always updated in their home country. If you want to keep abreast of each episode, you can use the free Korean dramas watching application on Android as below:

1. Viu

The application for watching Korean dramas that is popular today is Viu. You Korean dramas lovers, of course, are familiar, isn't it with this one application?

Viu shows lots of Asian films including the latest Korean dramas with English subtitles. You can download this application on the Playstore to be able to watch Korean dramas on Android.

2. Hook

Furthermore, there is the Hook application. You can watch Korean dramas in the application easily. Although the collection of Korean dramas on the hook is not as complete as viu, this is one of the best applications for watching Asian dramas. Because you can watch Asian dramas easily and of course it's free.

3. Viki

This application shows TV shows from Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and also Thailand. Of course, it is also equipped with English subtitles.

Here you can watch the latest Korean dramas and also lots of serials from other Asian countries.

4. Netflix

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular movie streaming applications today. As a movie lover, you must have this one application. You can download Netflix for free.

Netflix is ​​well known as the best movie streaming application. You can watch various kinds of films on Netflix, including your favorite Korean dramas.

5. WeTV

This WeTV application is one of the places to watch Korean dramas that we recommend for you. WeTV has quite complete features, there are many movie categories that you can watch, including Korean dramas.

6. Tribe

Currently, there are many Korean drama streaming applications that you can use. This Tribe is one of the applications that we recommend for those of you who want to watch Korean dramas streaming and updating.

To get this application is quite easy because you can download it from Google Playstore for free.

7. iFlix

one more thing, guys, the Korean dramas watching application that you must download, namely iflix. There are so many films available in it, from Asian films to Hollywood that you can watch and download. The most important thing is this application also provides English subtitles.

How, quite a lot isn't an application that can be used to stream Korean dramas for free? Please try the applications that we have recommended so you don't miss your favorite Korean dramas. Good luck.

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