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How to Deal with Google Play Services Freezing

Google Play Services Freezes. Google Play services are very meaningful to Android-based smartphone users. This service from Google is used to install or update applications that we use on our Android smartphones, therefore Google Play is vital for the smartphones we use.

When installing or updating the application, of course, we hope that the entire process runs easily without a hitch, but there are some problems where while doing the process a Google Play problem suddenly stops. Have you ever experienced it? If there are any of you who experience this, here we will review the Google Play services that suddenly stopped.

Google Play Services Freezes

Google Play Services Freeze Trigger

There is no doubt about the sophistication of one of these Google services, Google Play services nowadays make it easier for us to use them. But there are some problems regarding Google Play services that have problems * & nbsp; or suddenly stopped. However, such problems are often found on older types of android cellphones, rarely found on new types of android phones.

Google Play application stoppage is due to several aspects. The following are some of the triggers for the outage of the Google Play Store:

1. Corrupt Google Play Services Application

The first reason that triggers the termination of Google Play is because of a damaged application, and damage to this application is caused by viruses, corrupted files, cache hoarding, and much more. But cache file buildup is a frequent trigger.

2. Service Outdate

The next reason is because our Google Play Store type is still an old type so it is not compatible with our Android features, so we must update the application. Basically Google Play will perform automatic updates, but if it doesn't carry out the update automatically, maybe the settings haven't been adjusted. Thus we are obliged to adjust these settings or can also manually update.

3. Bugs in the application

This is generally the impact of installing certain applications that are directly related to the Android system.

4. Ram Memory Is Full

If the RAM is full, the performance of our Android smartphone is also less than optimal.

5. There is damage to the system

Damage to this system rarely occurs, but there is a possibility that our smartphone has a problem due to damage to the system. So, the solution is by flashing the Android system again.

How to Deal with Google Play Services Free of Time

After knowing that some of the Google Play triggers are stuck, here's how to deal with Google Play which keeps crashing:

1. Restart or restart Android features

Restarting is an initial step that must be tried even though the level of effectiveness is low. If this method is not successful you can carry out the next method.

2. Delete Cache Files

When the warning comes out that Google Play has stopped, it is very annoying, especially when we want to download applications or games. Therefore, we must immediately solve the problem on Google Play.

To handle cases on Google Play, we can take action to clear the cache of the Google Play application. This method is considered quite effective for overcoming the case. Not only does it solve the stuck Google Play problem, clearing cache also reduces RAM usage. So, by clearing the cache can improve the performance of the cellphone.

3. Clear Google Play Store data

The next way is to delete data from the Google Play Store. By applying this method, our Google Play Store will return to its original state.

4. Do a force stop on Google Play

This method is actually a bit prone to try, because when we force stop all Google Play activities will stop.

5. Google Play Store Application Updates

The next method is very simple but often ignored, namely updating Google Play to the latest type. If you are worried about forgetting to update, then you can activate the automatic update feature in the Google Play Store settings.

6. Use a cleaning application

You can use a cleaning or cleaner application as an alternative to solve Google Play stalled. This application will delete all cache files on our cellphones, so that cellphone performance will also increase.

7. Reset Mobile

Another way if all methods can't handle it is to restore the cellphone to factory settings. However, you need to back up your files before applying this method. Because this method will delete all files or information stored on our smartphone.

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