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How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legend

Free Diamond Mobile Legend. Who doesn't know the Mobile Legends game? From children to parents, almost all of them have played this game. This worldwide game can sedate almost all people to play it.

In this game, we can get new heroes and epic skins. Collecting epic skins will make our heroes look more elegant. For that many are willing to spend a lot of money to buy characters and skins on mobile legends: bang bang.

How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legend, Mobile Legend

To get heroes and skins on mobile legends, we must first top up the diamonds. We can top up or buy diamonds using the bank transfer method, buy at mini markets, and much more. But when converted to rupiah, the price of diamonds is quite expensive.

However, there are also tricks to get diamond mobile for free. Starting from legitimate to using fraudulent methods. But using cheating or cheating methods is very dangerous. Instead of getting lots of diamonds, our account got banned.

To avoid the consequences of our account being blocked, here we are trying to provide a trick to get free diamond mobile legends and without fear of our account being blocked. Immediately, we discuss what methods can be done to get diamond mobile legends without payment.

How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legend

There are several ways that can be used to get free diamonds without cheating tricks, here are some ways that can be used.

1. Participating in give away activities

Generally, YouTubers like to hold diamond mobile legends give away activities for their subscribers. Not only on YouTube, but also through Instagram, Twitter, or there is also a website that holds give away activities.

The number of diamonds we will get depends on the giveaway, but this trick is worth taking into account to get diamond mobile legends for free.

2. Participating in mobile legends competitions/tournaments

Not only exploring give away, but we can also get diamonds by participating in tournaments held by Moonton. Generally, the number of diamonds obtained is not small. So from now on, prepare yourself to explore the mobile legends tournament.

3. Live streaming of mobile legends

We can also get diamonds by using the live streaming feature found on mobile legends. Viewers want to share free diamonds with the following details:

  • flower = 2 diamond
  • jewelry = 6 diamond
  • roadster = 250 diamond
  • yacht = 1,000 diamonds
  • airplane = 5,000 diamonds

4. Install the application with prizes

Not only the tricks above, but we can also use applications with prizes for pulses and diamond mobile legends. Examples of applications with prizes include cubic news, money lockers, coin masters, and so on.

Those are some ways to legally get diamond mobile legends. hopefully useful. thanks.

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