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How to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free

Free Diamond FF - Each online game in it has an official exchange tool for obtaining existing items, as well as the Garena Free Fire game. In the game, Garena Free Fire also has an official exchange tool, which is in the form of a diamond.

In the Garena free fire game, diamonds can be used to buy items that are available, such as new characters, skins, weapons, bundle seats, and so on. And to get diamonds, we must do a top-up.

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free

The competition to achieve victory in the Garena free fire game is getting tighter. To win a game not only requires high skill but also requires other supporting items. The existence of supporting items will make our character great, thus the chance to win a match will be even greater.

To get supporting items, we have to buy them with diamonds. The number of diamonds needed to get each item is different. For that, we need to have lots of diamonds to be able to buy many of these supporting items.

We all know that to get diamonds, we must top up. Many methods can be used to top up diamonds. However, to do a top-up requires a lot of payment. So only those with a lot of money can buy lots of diamonds.

But that doesn't mean others don't have the opportunity to have diamonds. Currently, there are many tricks available to get diamond free fire for free. here we will provide info on how to get a diamond Garena free fire trick for free.

How to Get Free Diamond Free Fire

Many Garena free fire players are willing to spend a lot of money to get diamonds. But some try to get diamonds by using cheats, diamond generators, or the like. But this method is not guaranteed, it is very dangerous to use.

Not only cheating tricks like the one above but in fact there are also safe ways to use diamonds for free. Then how do I get it? The following are some ways to get a free and comfortable diamond free fire.

1. Whaff Rewards

The way that you can try to get diamonds for free is by using the Whaff Rewards application. This application is easy to find on the google play store. To be able to get diamond free fire with this application, just install the application.

After the application is installed, immediately open it and log in. After that, select the rewards menu and we will get a mission that must be done to get rewards. After getting rewards, we can redeem rewards to PayPal which after that can be used to buy diamonds via codashop and so on.

2. Cubic News

Next is the Kubik News Application. The Google play store is a very easy place to get this application. By using the news cubic we can not only get diamonds but also get data that can increase our knowledge.

The system applied by the news cubic is collecting points. Points are earned by doing the missions given and also reading the news provided by the application. Later the points earned can be replaced with credit and after that, we top up the diamonds with credit as payment.

3. Jakpat

Not only the two applications above, one more thing that can be used is the jakpat application. Jakpat is an online survey application that will share points every time we respond to questions. These points can later be disbursed in the form of money, after which the money can be used to top up diamonds. To get this application we can install it on the google play store.

4. Free Fire Event

If you don't want to use the application, you can also take advantage of the ongoing free fire event. Garena free fire often holds events, and among the rewards given are diamonds. For that, you must actively participate if is taking place to get diamonds.

5. Give Away Event

Not only participating in events, but another trick is also to take part in a giveaway. Generally, YouTubers and celebrities who play games also like to give away. For that, we can participate in it, try your luck to get diamonds from giveaway activities.

The final word

Those are some tricks that you can try to get diamonds for free, you can use one of the methods above or you can do it all at once.

So many reviews on how to get diamond free fire for free, hopefully, luck.

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