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How to Open Blocked Sites

How to Open Blocked Sites. Currently, in several countries, large-scale blocking of sites that are considered to violate policy has been carried out. Many internet users are concerned that most of the sites they subscribe to are blocked.

We admit that the government's move to block websites which they deem unfit to serve is a positive step. But we also as fellow internet users understand your disappointment because many sites are blocked.

Even though many sites are blocked, you don't need to worry, guys. Because here we will share ways to open blocked sites for all of you. Curious? Come on, just follow the tutorial.

How To Open Blocked Sites

How to Open Blocked Sites

If your subscription site is blocked, you can open it by using the following methods:

Install PVN

You may feel uneasy because the site where you usually download files, whether it's videos, applications, or others, has been blocked. For that, you don't need to worry, guys, because you can still open it using the PVN application.

You can install PVN on your PC or cellphone to be able to access the blocked web. This application is easy to find, you can search for it on Google, and can usually be downloaded for free.

Use Opera Mini

If you don't want to install PVN, another way is to change the browser you are using. If you currently use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet, it's time for you to change the browser.

Please install Operamini on your device. You can get Smartphone users on Playstore or Appstore, usually available for free. You can use this opera mini without having to install PVN again because this browser already includes PVN.

Using Add-ons

Some people may not be able to switch to using a browser other than Chrome or Mozilla. If you are such a person, you can still overcome blocked sites by adding a VPN extension to the browser you are using.

Please enter the settings in the browser, look for the extension menu, after that you select add extensions. After that, usually, the kit will be directed to the extension shop, where you can search for the PVN extension. If you have found it, just add it and follow the steps that will be given.

Opening a Proxy Site

Apart from some of the methods that we have presented above, there is still one more way that we will share to open sites that are blocked by the government. You can open an online proxy site and search for the site you are going to from within the proxy site.

The method is quite simple, please open the browser that you normally use. After that, you do a search with the keyword "Proxy Sites". A lot of online proxy sites will appear, you click on one of these sites.

After the proxy site is open, it will contain a URL column. Now in that column, you enter the website URL that you want to open then enter. Then the sites that cannot be visited without PVN will be able to open easily.

very easy right to open a blocked site? You can choose one of the methods we shared above to visit sites that are blocked by the government. Good luck.

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