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How to Play Minecraft with Friends

Minecraft is a monument of the video game, which gave birth to a separate genre and spawned many games like Minecraft. And whether it's fun to play alone, to build your houses, or to explore this cubic world, the adventure takes on a whole new dimension in multiplayer, via a local server or online. We explain here how to play Minecraft with friends, for an unforgettable experience!

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Play Minecraft with others, locally or online!

The multiplayer mode of Minecraft is similar to the single-player mode and the objective will be, according to the players, to create a complete and viable world, to explore the vast universe to find elements to transform for ever greater objects and possibilities, and for the most motivated to move into the Nether - the evil world - to face the hellish creatures.

And to do this, nothing beats the support of your friends! Depending on the versions of Minecraft you have, the multiplayer mode may vary, but be aware that the following 3 possibilities exist:

  • Online gambling via Internet servers
  • LAN multiplayer (on a local server), to play with your loved ones
  • The multi-player split-screen game, from 2 to 4 players, available on the best video game consoles.

We explain how to play with friends on Minecraft, to enjoy this masterpiece of video games with family or friends!

How to play Minecraft with friends on a local network

The LAN (for local area network) is a system well known to PC players, which allows many to play many multi titles without having to use a server to host the game.

The principle is very simple, and gamers frequently use it for Age of Empire games in order to compete with relatives, which allows playing with precise rules, without risking falling on a server full of cheaters or of players who are only there to spoil the games.

To play Minecraft in LAN, users must have the same version of the game or compatible versions, and that they are connected to the same local network (on the same internet box, therefore with the same IP address). From there, just follow the next steps:

  • Start your game in Solo mode
  • Open the pause menu, which offers various options such as Save and Exit, Statistic, and an Open on the LAN tab
  • Choose this last option and you will access the configuration options of your game, within particular the possibility of activating the creative mode only (if you are playing with your little sister and you are afraid that she will destroy your constructions) Or classic survival mode.
  • Select "Open to Local Network" and you will get a Port number, to provide to other players

Note: If you quit the game or your connection breaks, LAN access is immediately terminated for other players.

Other players will only have to launch the game from their machine and choose the multiplayer option. Normally, the name of your local network will be displayed and you just need to select it to be teleported to the MAP.

Play Minecraft Online Easily

The most common way to share games of Minecraft with friends, or with other unknown players if you wish, is to play online. Free on PC, but paid for on consoles that require monthly subscriptions, it's a system that allows you to have your own server or go to an already created server.

If you want to play with your friends, then just choose the Online Server option and start a game, where you can invite members of your community.

It works between players on the same platform, but recently the cross-platform has become available. So you can find your gaming friends even if they don't have the same gaming platform as you, as this official video shows us:

It's a great way to enjoy this title which is one of the top games on PC, PS4, some of the best games on the Xbox One, and the unmissable hits on the Nintendo Switch.

How to play Minecraft with friends on split-screen

On consoles, some versions of the most famous sandbox in the video game world allow multiple players to play on the same screen. To share your cubic adventures, this is the best and you will only need the number of controllers corresponding to the number of players (from 2 to 4) and a screen large enough for the readability to remain correct.

Then, all you have to do is start a classic game, which the other invited players can join by pressing Start / Option depending on the machine. The screen will then split and your buddies will appear in the picture, ready to cooperate with you.

Create your own server to play with your friends!

If you have some computer skills and don't mind the difficulty, know that it is possible to create your own Minecraft server on a PC. It will be your unique world, in which you can invite your friends and define precise rules, develop an economy, create games or in-game events. Enough to give new meaning to your games!

There are amazing servers in Minecraft, with players having fun recreating the world of The Lord of the Rings, others who have built self-governing futuristic cities, for a rather spectacular result, all cube.

To make your own server, just download the server editor from the official Minecraft website, in the download section, and follow all the configuration instructions. It takes certain know-how in the field and it's not the most accessible solution when you want to know how to play Minecraft with friends quickly, but the more motivated know that it is a possibility!

Minecraft Realms, the right solution for playing with friends?

The developers of Minecraft know that many players like to play online-only, and they have decided to offer the Minecraft Realms (Minecraft Realms), all-inclusive packs that allow you to dive into a world already made, and to invite 10 friends for crazy adventures.

A good idea, for a fee, which makes it easy to meet in private for fun without having to create a server yourself from scratch!

Conclusion: enjoy the joys of Sandbox N ° 1 together!

You now know how to play Minecraft with friends, via LAN, an online server, by creating your own server, or even by opting for the Minecraft Kingdoms packs.

So many possibilities to multiply the creative power of this great title, and build buildings and worlds that you could never have achieved in a single player. Cooperation has never been more rewarding than in Minecraft, so invite your loved ones and conquer this world of cubes!

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