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Mobile Legends: Beginners Guide

Apk45.comIn this guide, you will find the main elements that will help you get started with the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Bluestacks. The game, multiplayer type online battle arena (“MOBA”), taking place in a universe mixing fantasy and steampunk, may seem simple at first glance but it is by mastering certain specific elements that we will cover here that you will make the difference.

Mobile Legends Beginners Guide, Mobile Legends

1. Main Mechanisms

Once the game is launched from Bluestacks, you will follow a short tutorial consisting of 1v1 combat. Movements are made with the WASD keys (Qwerty keyboard) simulating the joystick of the iOS / Android game visible at the bottom left of the screen. In a fairly standard way, press two keys at the same time to move diagonally. A MOBA mode allows you to play with the mouse.

Hits are dealt with by clicking on the primary weapon button at the bottom right of the screen or by using the key associated with this button. As the game progresses, you'll unlock and upgrade special skills that can be reloaded, visible on the bubbles surrounding the main attack button.

When your hero dies in battle, it will take a few seconds before reappearing in your base camp to return to the front line. On the contrary, when he destroys a turret or kills enemies, he will earn money to increase his combat stats and special abilities. The hero is then more powerful for the current game.

During combat, a minimap is displayed at the top left of the screen. It allows you to see the remaining defense turrets in each team as well as the location of allied and enemy heroes.

2. Game Modes

The game allows several modes that will be offered to the player depending on his level:

  • Classic mode consists of a confrontation of 10 players divided into two teams (5v5) where the objective is to destroy the main enemy camp by crossing the map by one of the three possible paths while destroying the opposing minions and heroes as well as enemy defense turrets.
  • Brawl mode consists of a 5v5 confrontation on a reduced map comprising a single path, two defense turrets per team, and the main camp of each team. The frontal attack in this mode is inevitable because it is impossible to bypass enemy heroes by taking other paths.
  • The AI ​​Vs mode allows the player to face the computer in either Classic or Brawl. This mode is really ideal for testing your special skills and team tactics against a fairly balanced enemy who always follows the same strategy.
  • The In-Play Rank mode, which offers a larger map, is unlockable once the player reaches level 8.

3. Characters

The game contains around 50 heroes to play as and the player has access to several of them from the first game. The heroes have a unique physical appearance, can come in several unlockable outfits (skins), and belong to different classes such as tank, fighter, assassin, mage, shooter, or support. Each class has its own attributes and each hero within this class more or less adapts these specificities.

For example, in the shooters class, all the heroes have a strong attack but very weak defense, but this gap is more pronounced for some more than others. Additionally in this class, some heroes have the specialty "mow" while others have "burst damage". You have to think carefully about what you prefer and especially what best suits the needs of your team. Because this is where the strategy comes into play!

4. Strategies

On the one hand, combining various heroes and different special abilities is really the key to success in Mobile Legends: Bang bang. Combining 5 tank-type players will give you an unshakeable curtain of defense but with the low damage inflicted and the slowness of the 5 heroes, your team will stand still against the enemy hordes and you will not gain ground to the enemy camp. It is then necessary to combine the classes and the characters to obtain a balanced team in terms of attack/defense and in terms of ranged attack/proximity attack. When loading into the fight, players from the same team can also make wishes to ask others to change a class or indicate the path they will take to attack: up, middle, or down. You can give your own instructions and see those of teammates as a bubble saying "I need a mage" for example. Take this into account before fighting, especially if the player requesting a change has a high level, which means a lot of experience in the game.

On the other hand, delaying attacks and defenses makes a difference in combat. A simple attempt to break through all the heroes by the same path will not work satisfactorily and will kill many of your heroes simultaneously, leaving room for the enemy to destroy your turrets and gain ground. Instead, prefer several parallel attacks on different paths and keep at least one or two of the team's heroes in the second line in order to defend your turrets or your camp from enemy heroes.

The instructions buttons such as "attack" or "rally" at the top right of the screen are very useful for quickly coordinating the team's actions on a specific point on the map. The team members will see your instruction or request for reinforcement and the location concerned on the minimap.

Finally, if you are in a defense perspective, use the tall grass to hide your hero there. It will then be invisible on the enemy minimap and you can set a fatal ambush for opponents passing in front of you.

5. Level Evolution

Rewards purchased with money in a fight are only valid for that battle in progress, and this progression process must be repeated for each fight fought.

However, the game also works with an overall progression system that builds up over battles. Each battle will earn you "EXP" experience, rewards in the form of tokens, and even rune powder. Upgrade passive and long-term skills valid for all subsequent battles with these rewards.

Also, remember to collect the daily bonuses offered by the game and to participate in the events to obtain more rewards.

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