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Which game console should be chosen according to your needs in 2020?

Smartphones allow you to play a large number of games anywhere, anytime. However, the video game console still has a dominant place on the market and generally offers a much more sophisticated game. Each manufacturer offers different solutions with different game vision. Are you more than a type that supports beautiful graphics in 4K, or you just choose to play multiplayer with the person you love? His needs are diverse and varied and most consoles are there to meet them.

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Console to play in 4K

Microsoft Xbox One X: the most powerful console

While we waited for the X series at the end of the year, Microsoft Xbox One X is still considered the most powerful console today. Thanks to the 6 deaflops and 12 GB RAM, he can run a compatible video game in 4K at a constant 60 fps, as for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Gears 5, Forza Moutsport 7, or Red Dead Redemption 2.

Microsoft has tried hard to provide an optimized version for Xbox One X, both for old games and new ones that have just been released. And the novelty is that Redmond Company has confirmed that the next gene match will also be compatible for 2 years with this console (as well as Xbox One and Xbox One S).

More than just a living room console, he also has a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player to play all your favorite films on your TV. Obviously, you need to have the equipment needed in your home to enjoy the quality of this image.

When dematerialization is widespread and/or cloud gaming develops more and more, Xbox is clearly looking for the future with the Xbox Game Pass to have unlimited access to game choices. The Xbox Game Showcase conference in July 2020 further shows the importance of this service to Microsoft, with the first party game available from launches for customers.

SONY PLAYSTATION 4 PRO: 4K, but upscaled

The PlayStation 4 Pro system, on the other hand, does not offer a true 4K, which is upgraded to give UHD illusion, but without actually displaying it on the screen. The results are truly amazing and sometimes it is very difficult to tell the naked eye between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro graphics. Need to wait for Playstation 5 to get this definition in original mode.

This console increased compared to the original in 2013 driven by 4.2 eREFLOPS power and 8 GB of RAM which allowed it to run certain games in upscaled 4k up to 30 fps or Full HD at 60 fps, all with good HDR processing.

What will especially be a balanced tip is a list of beautiful exclusive licenses that Sony has: the last of us, spider-man, uncharted, or gran Turismo. The last advantage of the console, a virtual reality headset, Playstation, is now the only available at the home console.

Like Microsoft, Sony also offers PS feed now to get access to a hundred matches from the console, and even on a PC, but this is not as attractive. Why? Simply because Sony has no trouble selling exclusive and therefore has no reason to continue its services from the launch. Regarding PS Plus subscriptions, which lets you play online, it also gives you a free game choice every month.

Console to play on full HD TV

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim: the best-selling console of the generation

In 2016, Sony released its Slim Playstation version 4. It has the same characteristics as its predecessor (ie OCTA-Core X86-64 processor, graphics processor 1.84 Teraflops, and 8 GB RAM) while 30% thinner, 16% Lighter, and above all calmer. Note that the tactile button on the front of the console has been replaced with a physical button.

It should be noted that it gives access to the same game catalog as PS4 Pro, but without the optimization of the graph. It still offers image processing thanks to its HDR compatibility, but also a DVD / Blu-ray player.

Just like the game catalog, which has not changed, a subscription to PS Plus and PS is now also identical to enjoy the same service regardless of the platform.

Microsoft Xbox One S: 4K Blu-ray console and player

The slim model requires, the Xbox One S is smaller than the first Xbox one of the names. Just like the Slim PS4 version, it also saves the same characteristics as the original model by instilling an AMD Octa-Core Clock processor at 1.75 GHz with 1.3 Power Terafflops and 8 GB of RAM.

However, he has the advantage of integrating 4K Blu-ray players and becomes compatible with HDR, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and DTS: X Technologies (again, provided you are equipped at home).

In addition to graphical optimization associated with the Xbox One X (except 4K), it also benefits from the same game and exclusive licenses of the Microsoft catalog, such as Xbox Live Gold subscription to play on the Internet and Xbox Game Pass. Note that there is also an "all-digital" version (shown) from Microsoft Console.

The latter has a distinctiveness not to offer optical drives. Therefore it will be necessary to buy all games in the form of de material. Because it's not surprising, because it's less expensive, but it will be more difficult to lend the game and you will not be able to buy a physical version ... which is often cheaper than in an official online store.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2019): console according to NVIDIA

If the Nvidia Shield TV was initially considered an Android TV box then the console, features related to broad videos made it a good add-on console. Nvidia requires that it integrates all the streaming features of your local PC game, and Gaming Cloud firm: Gamestream and GeForce now. Since running on Android, you also have access to the Google Play game library.

For the rest, it is different from its predecessor released in 2017 with its new design in "Tube" allowing it to be much wiser on television, and we also really like the remote control "Form" Toblerone with new buttons and direct access to Netflix. Google Assistant and Alexa are also in the game. In short, besides being a good secondary console, TV Shield is just the best Android TV box, the most complete, but also the most beautiful and most fun to use.

Basically, the object is compatible with 4K HDR, so it will also be suitable for compatible TV owners. To find out all the good things about him, you can see our full review of Nvidia Shield TV 2019. Note that there is also a "pro" version with limited interest, which we discussed in our reviews.

Console to play wherever you want

Nintendo Switch: Hybrid console

Nintendo Switch is a machine that offers interesting concepts: can be used both in portable mode and in-home console mode on the TV. Details that make it very interesting, but above all different from their competitors (this is why it has its own category).

Nintendo always puts forward certain resilience for the console and the switch is no exception to the rules (editor records: The Game Boy even works 20 years later). This console is suitable for young and old, especially with a complete game catalog that now reaches more than 1,000 titles available at Eshop. There is something for everyone, including large production, and is famous for licenses such as Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon, but also the superior titles of third-party publishers including dark, FIFA, and many other souls.

Regarding its characteristics, it includes a 6.2-inch HD screen, the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip associated with 4 GB of RAM we found for example in NVIDIA SHIELD 2017, a 4310 mAh battery that provides autonomy 2 to 3 hours depending on the use, and 32GB storage capacity ( can be expanded through micro SD).

The new Nintendo Switch model with better battery life is available very recently, we invite you to read our dedicated article so that it is not wrong with purchases.

Nintendo Switch Lite: switch, but only portable

If you don't want to play a switch game on TV, know that the "Lite" model will land in France. This new version has a distinctive specificity of the hybrid dimensions to focus only on experience in portable mode. Therefore, it is impossible to connect it to the TV or release the controller at the end.

This allows it to be stronger and lighter without side frames that usually accommodate joy, but also more compact thanks to a 5.5-inch screen (against 6.2 inches on the classic model). Finally, it also benefits from the enhanced battery life of the new 2019 switch model, an estimated 6 hours depending on your use.

Flower? Just use the large catalog of consoles while saving around a hundred euros compared to the classic model. However, it must be taken into account that not all games will be compatible, especially those who use movement detection.

What are the three big consoles now?

The console market is dominated by three giants: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. They designed each Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox. While the switch is relatively new, the other two approach the end of their cycle and will be replaced at the end of 2020 for PS5 in Sony and Xbox One Series X in Microsoft.

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