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PixelLab Pro Apk, Great Text and Photo Editing Application

In the modern era like now, there are countless applications for editing photos or mobile images. Its presence makes it easy for users to beautify their work. One that you can try is PixelLab Pro Apk.

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Get to know what is the PixelLab Pro Apk

PixelLab is a photo or video editing application that can be used by Android or Windows users. You can do many editing activities, from adding text, stickers, adjusting the position, filters, brightness, contrast, and many others.

Users can download the PixelLab application free through the PlayStore. There are a variety of features that users can explore to produce the best editing. You can be creative freely to add various effects or templates.

The PixelLab application has a simple but attractive appearance. That way, all users can use it, even for beginners. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from social media uploads to business.

Knowing the PixelLab Interface

The interface is a visual display of the application. Usually, it will greatly affect the impression of the user. In the PixelLab pro application, the main display is simple, not complicated, so you immediately see the editing workboard. That way, you can immediately do editing.

By default, when you open this application, the user immediately sees the canvas and a text object. The menu layout is very neat and easy to understand. In the menu, the display uses an icon that represents its function or is called a shortcut.

Within each icon, there is a dividing line. That way, users can use the editing technique they want. The design used is very simple and not too flashy or technical. However, this makes it easy for users to operate so that they can produce good editing work.

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Features in PixelLab Pro Apk

PixelLab has a number of features that have various functions to facilitate the image or photo editing process. Users can explore their abilities and imagination. This feature can be used freely and is not limited. Following are the details and an explanation of each function.

1. Modifying Text

As you can see in the main view when you open PixelLab, you will find a text-editing feature. The feature modifies the text so it is the main highlight in this app. It includes features for adding new text, copying, resizing, changing colors, and much more.

To make text modifications, you can click the pencil icon on the top left. Then the other tasks to choose from will appear. This editing process can also use the bottom menu. Users can slide them so that they can find the right tool in editing.

2. Inserting Images

The second feature in PixelLab is the import and export of images. Users can find it in the main menu. The trick is to tap the three icons at the top right. Then a variety of options will appear that you can choose according to your needs.

This main menu has a number of features such as Use Image from Gallery, Fullscreen, Use Image from the camera, export image, to exit. That way, users can choose as needed to edit their images or videos.

3. Sticker, Drawing, and Shaping

This application also has features for making stickers, shapes, and other drawings. This can be found by clicking the + button on the top left. A number of menus will appear, starting from text, current date, sticker, shape, from the gallery, and draw.

Users can use it by processing their editing skills so that the results are as desired. For example, on the shape menu, there are a number of shape options, ranging from triangles, squares, prisms, and others. Whereas in the Draw option, you can draw the shapes yourself as needed.

4. Editing Photos

Next are the most anticipated features. In this section, you can edit your photos to make cool edits. There is a selection of tools that are prepared and fall into the basic engineering category, such as crop, size, change color, filter, import, camera, and others.

Users can also find other complete features such as brightness, rotation, nose, stripes, contrast, and many others. This can help in enhancing the resulting image or photo so that it looks more professional.

How to Install the PixelLab Application

PixelLab application is very useful and easy to operate. Its various features are also easy to operate. To be able to install it by doing a number of ways as follows.

  1. Download the PixelLab pro application here
  2. Wait for the download to complete
  3. Then wait for the installation to complete
  4. Open the application and start to edit

This is the information about a simple photo editing application that produces cool work from PixelLab Pro Apk Mod. You can download it for free. Hope it is useful.

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